It’s beautiful.

The only flag waving is the Palestinian flag. Every party, every group, all of them raising only the Palestinian flag and chanting old Palestinian revolutionary songs.

We have not seen this big an action since the second intifada.

Gaza will never stand alone.

"Subsidized by the CIA, Israel served U.S. interests well beyond the [Middle East] region, setting up dependable client regimes (usually military-based dictatorships) to control local societies. Noam Chomsky has documented this extensively: Israel was the main force that established the Mobutu dictatorship in Zaire, for example. They also supported Idi Amin in Uganda, early on, as well as Haile Selasse in Ethopia, and Emperor Bokassa in the Central African Republic.

Israel became especially useful when the U.S. came under popular human rights pressure in the 1970s to stop supporting death squads and dictatorships in Latin America. The U.S. began to use Israel as a surrogate to continue its support. Chomsky documents how Israel established close relations with the neo-Nazi and military regimes of Argentina and Chile. Israel also supported genocidal attacks on the indigenous population of Guatemala, and sent arms to El Salvador and Honduras to support the contras."
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The 48,000 march



The 48,000 march on Qalandia is a culmination of the efforts of all Palestinian parties and political groups in Ramallah and its neighboring villages.

We grouped up in front of the Am’ari refugee camp, and from the start it was obvious that this was massive. To be totally honest, we most likely did not reach 48,000 but it was massive.

The main goal of this march was an act of solidarity with Gaza, and to remind the occupation that we are one people. To remind the occupation soldiers that they will never be safe. We were supposed to break through the Qalandia checkpoint and march on Jerusalem. There is also a second point which makes the demonstrations tonight extra important.

I’m sure some of you are aware, that for us, tonight is Laylat Al Qadr, one of the holiest nights of the year for Muslims. It is also tradition that you should pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. So what did the only democracy in the middle east do? It closed down Al-Aqsa, and prevented most people from praying there.

There is usually around 500,000 worshipers in Al-Aqsa at Laylat Al Qadr, tonight, due to Israel, there is only 20,000.

The march itself was a sight to behold, you have people from every political group all walking together and chanting old Palestinian revolutionary songs. It was a point that nobody should bring any flags other than the Palestinian flag. There were so many, it was a sea of red, green, white and black. Everyone was swelling with pride as we poured towards Qalandia, around 6 KM away from where we began.

We ran into trouble very soon. I’m sure if any of you saw the Qalandia checkpoint, you’d know that it is a massive concrete fortress.

Before we even fully arrived at Qalandia, ambulances were already being heard. Israeli soldiers were shooting very very heavily in our direction. There was an abnormally high amount of hits in the waist and above. The first Martyr of the night, Mohammad al-Araj was shot in the head with live ammunition. They are shooting to kill and maim.

There are literally hundreds of injuries, a huge amount of them in critical condition. You will not believe the amount of ambulances buzzing by. You will not believe the amount of blood, the amount of gas, the amount of smoke. The Israelis were spraying bullets everywhere. There was  nowhere for anybody to go.

We were unarmed. I repeat, nobody was armed. There was no threat at all to the soldiers. Unless having rocks thrown at their concrete towers and bunkers is what you’d consider “armed” resistance.

The clashes will continue unto dawn. Not only at Qalandia, brutal clashes have broken out everywhere. Especially Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nablus and Tulkarem. All of Palestine is rattling the chains of its shackles.

We are a people under military occupation. It’s our right, and our duty to resist. Gaza will never stand alone.