The news: Israeli units attacked Gaza’s only power station, burning large sections of it to the ground. It made for a dramatic picture in Gaza, one that some on social media said looked like actual hell on Earth.

The bombing appears to have cut off both electricity and water sanitation for most of the Palestinian territory’s 1.8 million residents. According to the Washington Post, the damage will take months to repair and has left almost all of Gaza, including some hospitals, without utility access. Six of eight remaining power connections from Israel have been severed by the fighting.

But that’s not all. Later, an Israeli tank attack on a UN school killed at least 15 Palestinians, even though Gaza residents were told to seek safety there. Israel accuses Hamas of using schools as bases to launch rockets.

Here’s what you need to know: The death toll in the Gaza Strip soared past 1,200 Tuesday, with whole neighborhoods reduced to rubble as constant bombing killed as many as 100 Palestinians. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Israel Defence Force’s campaign in Gaza would be “prolonged,” hinting that the Israeli invasion has taken on new objectives, Gazans cowered in fear from some of the most intense bombings yet seen in the area. 

The United Nations estimates that 70-80% of the dead are civilians. An additional 7,000 have been wounded. In short, the situation in Gaza is getting much worse very quickly.

Dozens of other attacks ravaged whole neighborhoods, with ferocious strikes targeting senior Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh’s residence, Hamas’ al-Aqsa TV headquarters, a finance building and several local mayors’ homes. Gaza City’s al-Amin Mohammed Mosque, which sits across the street from a house owned by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was blown apart. Hamas and Israel blamed each other for shells which exploded in Jabaliya refugee camp, killing at least 10 people.

Bombs also fell near areas where international journalists were housed.

time lapse video appears to show an entire Gaza neighborhood totally annihilated after an hour of sustained airstrikes.

On the Israeli side, the threat of rockets sent some in Tel Aviv scrambling for bomb shelters. Bands of Hamas militants are somehow still finding their way through tunnels leading under the border. Five Israeli soldiers were killed in gun battles with one such infiltration force, bringing the total number of soldiers dead to 53. The IDF’s official propaganda channel has turned up the rhetoric, offering prayers to slain heroes and providing daily updates on the number of targets bombed.

Meanwhile, Hamas distributed some chilling propaganda of its own: A video of the tunnel attack, which appears to show the deaths of some of the five soldiers killed.

A ceasefire has so far failed to develop, with both Hamas and Israel blaming each other.

Why you should care: While the rest of the world appears pretty shocked by the images coming out of Gaza, most Israelis either aren’t shocked or accept them as the cost of dismantling Hamas. The Washington Post reports between 87% and 95% of Israeli Jews generally support continuing the operation, while four out of five oppose a unilateral withdrawal. Hamas’ merry band of fanatics remains obstinate despite horrifying losses in manpower and resources. As of now there doesn’t seem to be a short-term impetus for either side to change the course of the ongoing conflict, which means continued devastation of this scale is sadly likely.

Source: Tom McKay for World.Mic

Jesus help them please

this is horrible

how do you seriously look at this and not call it terrorism

how do you absorb all this news and still have the gall to ask “but what about israeli feelings?!”

fuck anyone who brings up ~both sides~ nonsense


La Trobe Student Union has just voted down a motion supporting Palestine and condemning Israel’s systematic genocide.

What a fucking disgrace. They are happy to take the side of the oppressor when students unions and unions across Australia, including Victorian Trades Hall Council, are taking the initiative to support Palestine.


According to Tel Aviv University, 95% of Israelis support the massacre in Gaza. A majority believe more firepower is necessary. So please spare me this bullshit about leftist and progressive Israelis and Zionists. Nearly the entire country is complicit in the ongoing colonization of Palestine, and those who aren’t are and have been recognized (most notably by giving up their Israeli citizenship). The truth isn’t “somewhere in between”. This is a country where almost all of the citizens endorse genocide.

My understanding of the Gaza conflict


I want to write out my thoughts on Gaza. My understanding, put simply for any newbies to the crisis, is this:

Israel controls Gaza. Gazans are stuck there. Israel makes it hard to go in or out, and don’t allow in enough food, water and necessities. So Gazans are starving, impoverished and regularly beaten/killed by Israeli forces. They’re sitting ducks for Israel’s abuse every day and this has been going on for decades. This status quo is too awful so Gazans voted in Hamas. Hamas is violent and extreme. But they’re not (necessarily) stupid. Hamas know attacking Israel will lead to retaliation.  But they still do it because the status quo cannot go on, they want Israel to feel blowback, they want to draw attention to Gazans’ cause to the world and mixed in with all this is, the less tactical motive: a big dose of hate for what Israel is doing and a desire to make Israel’s people hurt.

While Israel has genuine reasons to hate and fear Hamas, Hamas are not in a position to do much damage to Israel. This is because Hamas has little fire power and Israel has super-advanced ways of shielding itself from attack. On the flip side, Israel has enourmous amounts of fire power and Gaza has basically no ways of shielding itself from attack.

With Israel definitely more powerful than Palestine, over the last few decades Israel has slowly but surely been (violently) expanding into Palestinian land, and Palestine has slowly but surely been shrinking into nothing.

Which brings us to this current conflict. There is serious talk by many (senior and civilian) Israelis of just killing all the Gazans/Palestinians and removing the ‘threat’ once and for all. This is serious. This would be genocide. Israel definitely has the capability to do this. The only things stopping them are: the world might turn on them; their neighbours might attack them; it might reflect poorly on their buddy, the USA; and voices within Israel who oppose such violence.

But with this current conflict, it seems those ‘restraining’ factors ain’t restraining them very much anymore. And that’s why I feel the need to support Palestine and speak up for their rights in this situation. If the world more strongly condemned Israel’s actions (with actions such as BDS), Israel would feel more incentive to come to a solution that does not involve genocidal-ly destroying all of Gaza (and Israelis opposed to this violence would be on stronger footing from within Israel). Maybe they won’t literally wipe all of Gaza off the map in these current attacks, but slowly or quickly, it seems that is their ultimate objective and where this has been heading for some time. Israel has the lions share of control of the situation. They are the one with far more options at their disposal.

TL/DR: Israel controls Gaza. Israel makes Gazans’ life hell. Gazans therefore have embraced Hamas. Hamas are extreme, violent and scary, but don’t have anywhere near the firepower of Israel. With this current conflict, Israel seems to be giving into strong urges to wipe out Gaza once and for all. A big factor that would restrain them is condemnation from the rest of the world. We are the world. We should do stuff like BDS to force Israel to embrace less genocidal options.

A few points.

The state of Israel was founded on the genocide of the Palestinian people, something which has been ongoing to this day. The current massacre in Gaza is merely an intensification of this process. It’s also important to recognise that the existence of Israel necessitates the systematic dispossession and genocide of the Palestinians, which is why it’s actually impossible to force them to embrace less genocidal options by appealing to their interests. The reality is that Israel has no incentive whatsoever to cease its expansionist actions as its economy is dependent on this (military, construction etc.) and would collapse if it did.

The fact that 95% of Israelis believe this latest offensive to be justified, and that Netanyahu is being outflanked to the right with MPs calling for the slaughter of all Palestinian mothers so they can’t give birth to ‘snakes’ and fascist mobs chanting ‘death to Arabs’ in the streets is an indictment on just how far-right Israeli politics has become. The way politicians win votes in Israel is by demonstrating they can terrorise the Palestinians the best.

While Israel can at time, overstep the boundary of what the US considers permissible, it is fundamentally the watchdog of Western imperialism in the region isn’t likely to use their support anytime soon. This has historically worked in the favour of the US, with Israel being able to take a more interventionist policy in the region they couldn’t directly. The US can shamefully condemn the violence on both sides at the moment but there’s moves to actually increase their funding to Israel.

And for all the anti-Zionist rhetoric of the Arab regimes, they have never seriously opposed Israel. This is because the ruling class in the region benefit from the stability it provides as any uprising in Palestine could lead to solidarity from the working class in neighbouring countries, threatening their dictatorships and monarchies.

I also reckon this is worth a read on Hamas because their politics are quite a bit more complicated than ‘extreme, violent and scary’. Reality is they have wide popular support among Palestinians (and were elected in Gaza in 2006) because they’re the only organisation that’s committed to resistance against the apartheid, terrorist state that is Israel. You can have a political critique of Hamas, and I do, but it’s imperative that we support the right of the Palestinians to resist in any way possible.

Also worth mentioning is that in light of at least over 20,000 Palestinians marching in the West Bank in solidarity with Gaza, there will be another rally here in Melbourne this Friday. I’d encourage you all to come long because it’s especially important here in Australia we come out and oppose our own government’s strident support of Israel.